Leading Conyers-Covington, GA Chiropractor Offers Breakthrough Health Test

Covington, Georgia (July 14, 2014) – Billingsley & Luckett Chiropractic Life Center, a leading Chiropractor in Covington, GA, is offering a breakthrough health test that can give patients a clearer picture of their current and future overall well-being. Called the NeuroInfiniti Health Detector Test, the assessment differs from standard tests such as blood work, annual exams and treadmill tests in that it does not simply reveal if the body is in a disease state, it measures how well the body responds to and recovers from stress, a leading indicator of health.

To do this, non-invasive sensors are attached to a patient’s head and body while fully clothed and comfortably seated. Then a 15-minute neurological workup is performed that measures EEG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, muscle tension (SEMG), hand temperature, and skin conductance.

Together the results demonstrate how well the brain moves between stressed and recovery states. For example, how readily the brain signals the heart to vary its beat to adequately respond to a stressful situation, and then recovers to a peaceful state once the threat is resolved. In this way, the test discovers if the brain-body connection is working properly.

The NeuroInfiniti Health Detector Test is a leading-edge, high-investment technology that few chiropractic offices offer to their patients. The cost for patients to receive this vital information about their health, if similar quality tests could be purchased and conducted individually, would total nearly $8,000. As highly experienced and community-minded Chiropractors in Covington, Billingsley & Luckett Chiropractic Life Center has invested in this advanced assessment system and would offer the test at just $2,999. However, for a limited time new patients can take advantage of a special promotion and receive the NeuroInfiniti Health Detector Test at an introductory price of just $299. For more details on this promo, as well as the practice’s other services, just visit: www.NeuroATL.com.

About Billingsley & Luckett Chiropractic Life Center
Since 1985, thousands have sought the renowned healing chiropractic care at the Billingsley & Luckett Chiropractic Life Center in Conyers-Covington, GA. From the affordable Health Detector Test that shows how stress is affecting you to the atlas specialty chiropractic adjustments for adults, children, infants as well as critical care, Chiropractors Dr. Carol Billingsley, Dr. Mary Ann Luckett and Dr. Aaron Rossi are ready to rewire your brain-body health to its optimum genetic potential.

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