New Patients

pic1About Our New Patient Forms
Filling out our new patient forms is easy. Just click here for the new patient form and be sure to click the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the end. It will immediately be downloaded to our office, and unless you’ve been in an accident, there will be no additional paperwork to complete when you arrive for your appointment. If you have been in an accident, we will need you to complete some additional paperwork at the office. Click here for new patient forms

Dear New Patients: Here’s What You Can Expect From Us

A Warm and Friendly Greeting, Courteous Communication and Competent Care
Our goal at Billingsley & Luckett Chiropractic Life Center is to take care of you as a whole person. This includes creating a warm and friendly environment to start the healing process. Our top comment on patient surveys is how friendly and caring our team members are; in fact, our patients say that we make them they feel like they are family.
We like that! We’re all here to serve and help you on your journey to healing and optimum health.

A Thorough Understanding of Your Problem
With every individual that we work with, our goal is to find the underlying cause of your health concerns. The first thing we do is listen to you. Really listen to you. That seems like such a simple thing, yet we find that patients tell us over and over again that their concerns were not heard. We perform the appropriate amount of testing and examination that we need to fully understand your individual needs before making care recommendations. We find that a thorough understanding of you as an individual is the key to obtaining outstanding results.

Specific Individualized Recommendations
Once we have heard your concerns and your goals for your health, conducted the appropriate tests, x-rays and personally examined you, we will create a custom care plan to bring your brain-body back to optimum health. We will share our findings and our recommendations with you. Our recommendations will include the type, frequency, intensity and duration of care that your condition or goals require. We may make lifestyle recommendations as well. Our goal is for you to clearly understand what we are recommending, and why we are recommending it. Once you agree and begin your care place, the more closely you follow our recommendations, the quicker and better the results you’ll experience.

A Lasting Relationship
Many of our patients have been relying on us for quality, natural healthcare for 30 years. We’ve been there every step of the way since 1985, adjusting, examining and treating. We have many families with three generations of family members working with us. Here’s how it usually goes: One family member usually finds us because there’s been an accident or injury that is causing pain, and as a result of being exposed to the high level of care that we provide, another family member comes in to be treated for a chronic disease or condition that traditional medicine only manages. We find the cause and the second family member heals and recovers. From there, parents often bring their children in, as they learn that childhood conditions such as ear aches and eczema can be treated with proper chiropractic care. Soon, the entire family comes in regularly because they understand that weekly chiropractic care helps them maintain their best health and boosts their immunity. Considering the near constant high-stress, high-tech, fast-paced daily life we all face in today’s culture, it’s no wonder that our patients look forward to passing through our door to a warm and friendly greeting by name and some time to relax and bask in our calm, positive, healing environment. “Enter to Get Well,” that’s what it says over our door, and that’s what our patients experience. We look forward to supporting your best health too.