I am an athlete, and have always been skeptical of chiropractic care, but over the years, I have gotten a little relief from recurring back pain. So when I needed urgent pain relief, I searched for a chiropractor on the Internet and found the Billingsley-Luckett clinic. Dr. Rossi resolved my problem, and I feel…Read More


I came to the practice as a patient about 6 months ago after being rear ended in a car accident. I had significant neck and shoulder pain with very little range of motion in my neck turning right or left. Since treatment I am very much improved physically as well as mentally. I had no idea that adjustments could enhance…Read More

Betty Mckeon

My name is Betty McKeon. I am a recording artist and have known Drs. Billingsley & Luckett for more than 10 years. They are two of the best and most caring Chiropractic Doctors I have had the good fortune of having adjust me. With the utmost care, Drs. Carol and Mary Ann use gentle and…Read More


When I was going to give birth to Lilyanna I just knew we were doing everything possible for a safe and blessed moment. However my high expectations were not meet; she was born under a tremendous stress to her and to me. It was clear right from the start that she wasn’t going to be okay. She was struggling all the way around…Read More



When my daughter was five years old she suffered from severe mood changes.  It was like watching my child go from Jekyll to Hyde in a moment.  I had been coming into see Dr. Billingsley and saw that they worked on children. After talking to her about our situation, I brought her in for an examination…Read More


I’ve had back pain for years. Was hospitalized several times, physical therapy, and bed rest….but the pain never went away. After moving to Georgia a few years ago, my boss recommended Drs. Billingsley, Luckett and Rossi. He “promised” me that I would find relief from the sometimes unbearable pain – in my back as well…Read More


I was in an automobile accident five years ago that landed me in a wheelchair because of the debilitating pain that I was suffering. I had been told that there was no hope for me, that I would be in a wheelchair forever. I tried not to believe it, but the evidence was all too real that I would never walk again…Read More

Critical Care for Infant

2-day old infant born cocaine-addicted. Click ‘show more’ to see the striking difference in appearance after just one adjustment and read Dr. Luckett’s observations: “If I hadn’t been the doctor doing this work, I would wonder if these pictures were of the same child. At birth this child was cocaine positive and addicted…Read More


When I first started my chiropractic care, I was having severe vertigo. My friends recommended that I try Dr. Rossi. I was at the end of my rope and was willing to try anything. As a result, it has helped me function in a normal manner. My ENT totally supports chiropractic care for the treatment of vertigo…Read More