It might be!

You may look and feel good, and yet have serious health issues that our test can detect now, possibly in time for you to get care that will avert future health problems.


Now, for a limited time, new patients can receive a Health Detector Test for a fraction of the cost: only $299 instead of $2,999! But it’s really even a bigger savings because the value of this 7-part test, if you were even able to get your medical doctor to give each test to you would cost $7,950.


You can schedule yours now and pay just $299.


Spend 30 comfortable minutes and get an inside peek into how your brain and body are handling stress. Your results will be printed in chart form with normal ranges identified and your chiropractor will go over your test results with you and explain what they mean.


Your ability to handle stress and recover from stress are the greatest predictors of your future health.

Simply call our office today at 770-760-1397and say,

“I want the New Patient Special Health Detector Test for $299.”

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The human body is an amazing organism that works hard to maintain health – or what might more accurately be called ‘the illusion of health.’ On a daily basis, your body either moves toward greater health or further away from it. We don’t perceive these subtle changes as they happen; so to us, it seems as if health problems come on suddenly. The biggest predictor of future health is how well your body handles stress now. Our culture is chronically stressful: packed schedules, high-traffic commutes, unhealthy food and environments, frequent conflicts and pressure to make ends meet. If your brain does not handle stress efficiently, you’re likely at greater risk for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ALS, Epstein-Barr and others. People may truly feel ‘fine,’ but the inner workings of their brain might tell a very different story.


TRUE HEALTH can be measured by the amount of vitality that flows through your brain, down to all of your organs, muscles, tissues and cells of your body. The problem is how we have decided to measure vitality. Unfortunately, over the past 50 years, the method of measuring vitality has been “If your body is symptom-free, then you must be healthy.” This is not an appropriate approach. Fortunately, the expanding field of neuroscience science has discovered that TRUE HEALTH can be measured in the ability of the brain to respond to stress and to recover from stress. That ability is the true measure of health and indicates the level of vitality that is in the body

Our Health Detector Test Measures True Health

The Neuroinfiniti Health Detector Test is the most advanced technology available today to measure how well your brain-body connection is functioning. Most tests only measure whether a body is or is not in a disease state, and the tests are usually only ordered when symptoms appear. Blood work ups, the annual exam and even the treadmill test only reveal established disease states. There is a great chasm between health and disease, and that’s where this test comes in. It measures your health on seven levels: 1) Brain Function, 2) Heart Rate Variability, 3) Heart Rate, 4) Skin Conductance, 5) Temperature, 6) Respiration Rate, and 7) Muscle Balance (SEMG). The cost of these tests is nearly $8,000 – if you could even get them. Most are not available without a doctor’s order. But if you could, you would find that a good heart rate variability test runs about $3,500, an EEG is $3,000, the typical treadmill stress test is $1,200 and the muscle test is about $250. That adds up to $7,950. We normally charge $2,999 for the NeuroInfiniti Health Detector Test, but right now, new patients can access is for just $299!

Our Health Detector Test takes 30 minutes and is Non-Invasive

neuroTo understand your true state of health, the Health Detector Test measures how well your brain functions while under perceived stress, and how well it recovers from the perceived stress. It does this by taking you through a 15-minute audio experience that is conducted in a private room in our office while you are comfortably seated and clothed. It takes about 15 minutes to attach sensors to different parts of your body, so the total time is about 30 minutes. The sensors measure your body and brain responses during the audio test and records them into a digital file. Your results will be printed out for you in chart form, which we review with you so that you can understand your true state of health.


The Health Detector Test Reveals How YOU Handles Stress

Results from the Health Detector Test enable us to proactively identify how stress is currently affecting you and gives us clear direction on how to intervene and change the course of health in your body. The benefit of the Health Detector Test is that it gives you a sneak peek inside the functioning of your brain, your nervous system and your body – ideally before symptoms appear. Having this information can make all the difference in the world to your health because an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Only the Health Detector Test shows exactly how stress is affecting YOU, and informs us how to treat you to bring you back into optimum stress-managing capabilities. We call it “Rewiring Your Health,” and we’re experts at it. We want to do it for you.