About Us


Dr. Carol Billingsley

Dr. Carol Billingsley is a 4th-generation chiropractor whose skillful chiropractic adjustments have been the impetus of healing for thousands of people during 30 years in private practice in Conyers-Covington, GA. Her keen insight into how to revitalize the body and her great love for others has drawn people to Georgia from all over the world…Read More


Dr. Mary Ann Luckett

Dr. Mary Ann Luckett is an international health coach and gifted chiropractic healer who specializes in atlas adjustment, infant care and critical-care cases often considered incurable. Patients have travelled from as far as Australia to Georgia in order to receive the comprehensive and extraordinary care she provides to her patients…Read More


Dr. Aaron Rossi

Dr. Aaron Rossi is a 3rd generation chiropractor whose life reflects the diligent application of the practice, principles and philosophy of chiropractic as a lifestyle that he calls “Life Affirming Empowerment.” Dr. Rossi’s passion is twofold: first, delivering excellent chiropractic care to his patients…Read More


Ms. Marcy Ballard

Marcy is the Accounts Manager, overseeing insurance, finances, payment arrangements, customer service and patient advocacy since 1995. “I’m here to help our patients get everything they can possibly get out of their chiropractic care,” Marcy says. “I strive to make their health as important to them as it is to us.”…Read More


Ms. Jane McGhee

Jane joined the team in 1998 as a Chiropractic Assistant. She works the front desk and is passionate about patient advocacy. “I love my job because I get to see people be healed every day,”Jane says “I believe in chiropractic. I like the way our chiropractors educate patients – that’s a real benefit for them…Read More


Ms. Pam Jones

Pam joined the team in 2011 as a Chiropractic Assistant. She works the front desk, answers the phone and handles appointments and payments. “I believe in what I do because I’ve seen chiropractic change people’s lives,” Pam says, “ and I like helping them…Read More


From the Founders: Our Practice Philosophy

We are passionate Chiropractors, and true believers in the value of Chiropractic Care for overall health and vitality; more specifically, we are true believers in the caliber of chiropractic doctors that we are, and the quality of chiropractic care that we deliver. We founded Billingsley-Luckett Chiropractic Life Center in 1985,Read More