The Adjustment

The Chiropractic Adjustment is a specific, intentional movement of a particular spinal bone for the purpose of reinvigorating the brain and opening the channels of communication between the brain and the body. Every chiropractor brings his or her…Read More


Infant Care

Infant care is a specialty that is gentle, loving and highly effective. All three of the doctors have received specialty training in infant care that is based on years of development. The birth process can often leave a baby with something out of alignment, which can impede…Read More


Absolute Health Club and International Health Coaching

We live in a world that tells us ‘take a pill,’ ‘get a shot,’ ‘have surgery’ and many other messages that rob us of true health. In addition, the level of chemical toxicity in our food, homes, shops, cars and backyards can be overwhelming to our immune systems – unless you know better. Our Absolute Health Club…Read More


Massage Therapy

We find that recovery comes even faster for our patients who receive deep tissue muscle therapy. This is often necessary because throughout our lives we have a variety of injuries that create scar tissue in our bodies. Scar tissue can decrease the injured area’s range of motion. For example, you may be able to raise one arm up higher than the other if there is scar tissue in one of your shoulders…Read More



Accurate information is empowering; ignorance and misinformation are disempowering. Many causes of illness and disease we can trace directly back to the health myths and misinformation being disseminated to the masses. This misinformation has led to commonly held beliefs and practices that undermine health on a daily basis…Read More


Nutritional Counseling

The importance of good nutrition cannot be overstated when it comes to creating and supporting best health. It used to be that we could simply eat the wide variety of food that was available to us and our bodies would naturally obtain the nutrients it needed to…Read More